Privacy Policy


Conversations are private and confidential, except as prescribed by law (if yourself, others, or someone under the age of 16 were in need of protection, or if my files are subpoenaed). I will review the legal prescriptions at the start of your first appointment to establish informed consent. I request that you do not share private or confidential information electronically as there are inherent limitations of confidentiality with electronic medium.



Electrontic forms of communication cannot be guaranteed to be fully secure. By initiating, or responding to email, or by booking an appointment online, or giving your consent for me to book an appointment online, or giving your consent to electronic receipting, you are indicating that you understand a) the risks involved in e-communication, b) are willing to take responsibility for those risks, and c) release me from liability. If the information you wish to send to me has content of a sensitive nature, I request that you not communicate via email, but rather contact me by phone to discuss the best way to share it.



I do not normally text with my clients. In some instances I receive texts from my clients and I will reply pertaining to appointment scheduling and logistics. It is not advisable to share private or confidential information in a text which pops up without my ability to provide adequate confidentiality.


Electronic Scheduling

I use an electronic scheduling page and I will request your permission to do so before I book an appointment with you. If you use my scheduling tool online to book an appointment, you are permitting to have your personal health information consisting of name, contact information, type and date of appointment stored electronically, and to have this information passed electronically (eg. email) for the purposes of confirming appointments and reminding you of appointments. If you do not wish for this information to be stored electronically please notify me to opt out prior to scheduling your first appointment with me.


Electronic Receipting

I use electrontic receipting which is a convenient way for me to provide you with a receipt (or duplicate copies of reciepts), which can be used by you for applicable or qualifying health care claims. The receipt has my name and company information, my registration information, my HST number, the date of your appointment and your name and contact information (eg. email). This receipt will be sent to you electronically by email. I will request permission to use electronic receipting at the time of your first payment, at which time you may opt out if you do not wish for this information to be transmitted electronically.


Peer Supervision and Supervision

From time to time, it is advisable that therapists seek supervision to ensure the highest standard of ongoing ethical care for their clients. When I do so, I disguise the names and details of my clients so that their confidentiality remains intact. I am happy to share the name and credentials of the supervisor I use, or to discuss the importance of this extra level of care that I provide at no extra cost to my clients. 


Recording Devices

From time to time, it is helpful to record sessions for the opportunity to review and reprocess conversations and to assess or reassess treatment planning decisions and next steps in therapy. This is of benefit to my clients because I am attending to their conent more than once when I do this. It can also be beneficial to clients when I'm able to create extracts for them to hear. The recording could be audio or video, but niether will be used with out prior informed and written consent. This extra level of care of my revisiting sessions is offered at no extra cost to my clients.

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