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Individual Counselling

I will work with a full spectrum of individuals including men, women, children, and youth from diverse backgrounds and cultural origins who come to see me for a variety of reasons. In therapy, we seek to understand both the nature of current difficulties and the ways in which these difficulties may be repetitive themes of the past. At times, we focus our work on healing past hurt, while at other times, our work together will be forward looking as we search for ways to unleash emotional freedom for new and creative possibilities.


Usually we meet once a week to explore the challenges of living life to the fullest.

Couples Counselling

In Couple or Marriage Therapy, I meet with both partners to understand difficulties in the relationship, including communication, problem solving, warmth, affection, and satisfying intimacy. Together, we work to understand those current and past systemic patterns of interaction "the dance" which interferes with the relationship and we look at ways to positively influence communication and intimacy to create a new happy dance. In the process, partners agree on goals for the relatitonship which could include a more satisfying, respectful, supportive, loving and intimate relationship. Both individuals grow and expand as they move toward achieving their mutual goals.

Usually we meet once a week to explore the challenges of living life as a couple together to the fullest.

Family and Child Therapy

Marriage therapy becomes Family therapy when additional family members participate in the therapy sessions. Frequently the identified problematic issues of one individual are intertwined with the well-being of other members of the family. Including all members of the family in therapy can create healing for everyone especially as it pertains to family conflict.

Usually we meet once a week to explore the challenges of living family life together to the fullest.

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